Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Joys and concerns

One big, overarching concern (Mom ... still ... always .... although we're getting plans in place so she can go home) .... lots of joys.

Eldest went to his senior prom last Friday ....


and took his last final exam this morning.  Graduation, then college orientation, on the horizon.

I made cake pops for the pre-prom party, which was a lot of fun.

cake pops and Marilyn

I discovered Smash, aka "guilty pleasure TV for musical theater nerds" on Friday, and have spent every free minute since watching it online (in addition to full episodes, Hulu has lots of extras, like "The Higher You Get, the Farther You Fall",  featuring a high-octane performance by Norbert Leo Butz.)

In the days leading up to Dad's birthday Mom, my brother and I did a fair amount of talking about how best to mark the day; we wanted to do something, but couldn't think what.  It was Eldest who suggested sending flowers to his grave, which is too far away for any of us to visit in person. We were able to order an arrangement of roses and spring flowers from a local florist (we specifically asked for roses because Dad grew them in the back yard, and in season would cut one every morning for Mom to take with her to work), which my aunt picked up and delivered to Dad's grave. They were lovely, and just right.

May 19th wasn't just Dad's birthday, it was also Duke's. Dad really wasn't an animal person, so their shared birthday was a running family joke ... this year we did some remembering, and had cupcakes in their honor after dinner. Duke always enjoyed his annual cupcake.

happy birthday
cupcakes, yes.  party hats, not so much.

The dogs and I went to our local dog park Sunday morning, where they caught the eye of a local photographer, and Leo's retrieval instincts finally overcame his fear of the water.

first swim

And today a nice man came to the house and installed an electric fence, so soon I will no longer have to spend several hours a day standing outside while the dogs do this:

(Not to mention repeatedly having to drag them back from the neighbors' yards ... or, memorably, the neighbors' houses.  Yes.  Houses, PLURAL.  That's not embarrassing at ALL.)

smiley dog
Jasper says, "How can you be mad at this face?"

And forward we go ...

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