Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What's So Funny?

What did I knit when I could have been struggling to construct a werewolf out of fake fur? Why, Her Ladyship's Ravenclaw scarf, of course.

The movie opens in 16 days. (What was that? "Sneak previews"? Never heard of them.) As of last night, I have finished four repeats. With 11 to go, I figure that if I force myself to knit at least one repeat every night during re-runs of The Amazing Race, I should finish this thing with time to spare.

I hear that giggling. Stop it. This is totally going to work.

In addition, I am dedicating all daytime knitting between now and Thursday to finishing my niece's birthday gift. I am leaving Friday for a weekend in Chicago (by myself! to visit my girlfriends! we're going to go to a Mexican restaurant! and a play! and yarn shops!), and would love to have it ready to take with me, so that I can hand it off to the in-laws for delivery on The Day and save shipping.


Now look. I can do this. I started the jacket last Thursday, and see, I'm almost done! (It's a size 2-4, but let us not quibble over details.) The only thing standing between me and success is a cuff, a sleeve, and a zipper (which will be sewn in by hand, because if I somehow screwed it up and was suddenly faced with a nightmare repair situation ..... well, it would blow my deadline*, and that would be sad). All of this is absolutely within the realm of the possible.

So to recap: I have embarked on a frenzy of knitting in which I plan to finish a jacket three days from now and an eight-foot scarf in just over two weeks.

I'm sorry. Can I get you a glass of water?

* I know said deadline is self-imposed, and I know it didn't need to be like this. I can see the pattern. All available evidence indicates that I lack the (will)power to change it.

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